21st -22nd
September 2019
9:00 AM

What is communique?

Communiqué is the flagship telecom seminar which SITM hosts for the stalwarts of the industry to come and enlighten the students with their knowledge. At SITM, we believe in leveraging the academic knowledge provided by the curriculum with market exposure. Each year the essence of the latest disruptions are captured and a theme is formulated encompassing all the trends of the year which impact the Telecom sector. Come and be a part of the extravaganza to witness the grandeur of Communiqué, SITM's International Telecom Seminar.

Why to Participate?

Challenge your mind, learn to strategize with our events i.e. Brand Race & Sacred Case and make your presence felt amongst industry delegates and corporates. The participation in these events can help you in managing your career growth. Never underestimate the power of knowledge gained in the presence of subject matter experts.

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Why to Sponsor?

Communiqué is an enormous platform for networking and exposure. It is the ground of collaboration of experts and the amateurs of the next generation in large numbers. Communiqué has been successfully standing up to the expectations of the industry over the past 20 years, all thanks to the help of our sponsors and partners.

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Prévision, initiated in the year 2003, provides the industry a neutral and insightful point of view regarding the current and emerging trends in the telecom sector for the forthcoming year.

Know More http://www.sitm.ac.in/home/prevision

TBR- an annual Journal of SITM

Started in the year 2008, TBR has been a platform for scholars and industry experts to contribute and showcase their knowledge, research and findings in the relevant areas of Technology, Business and Management.

Know More http://www.sitm.ac.in/home/tbr

Prayukti- SITM Student’s Research Journal

Started in the year 2016, Prayukti motivates students to do research in wide areas of the ICT domain. Student’s research upon commercial aspects of upcoming technologies, challenges associated and the opportunities they bring about to the ICT.

Know More https://www.sitm.ac.in/home/Prayukti


08:00Hrs - 09:10Hrs

Student Registration

09:10Hrs - 09:25Hrs

Lamp Lighting

09:25Hrs - 09:40Hrs

Inauguration Speech by Director Prof. Abhijeet Chirputkar, Director.

09:40Hrs - 09:55Hrs

Speech by Vice Chancellor

09:55Hrs - 10:05Hrs

Speech by Convener

10:05Hrs - 10:35Hrs

Welcome address by Chief Guest

10:35Hrs - 10:55Hrs

Prevision, TBR, Prayukti Unveiling

10:55Hrs -11:15Hrs

Networking Break

11:15Hrs - 11:45Hrs

Prevision presentation

11:45Hrs - 12:15Hrs

Key Note Session 1

12:15Hrs - 13:15Hrs

Lunch Break

13:15Hrs - 14:00Hrs

Panel Discussion 1

14:00Hrs - 14:15Hrs

Q&A Session

14:15Hrs - 14:45Hrs

Key Note Session 2

14:45Hrs -15:05Hrs

Networking Break

15:05Hrs - 15:50Hrs

Panel Discussion 2


08:00Hrs – 09:10Hrs

Student Registration

09:10Hrs – 09:25Hrs

Welcome Address

09:25Hrs – 09:55Hrs

Chief Guest Address

09:55Hrs - 10:10Hrs

Academic Awards

10:10Hrs – 10:30Hrs

Star Alumni Awards

10:30Hrs – 10:50Hrs

Networking Break

10:50Hrs – 11:35Hrs

Panel Discussion 3

11:35Hrs -11:50Hrs

Q&A Session

11:50Hrs - 12:20Hrs

Key Note Session 3

12:20Hrs - 12:50Hrs

Key Note Session 4

12:50Hrs - 13:50Hrs

Lunch Break

13:50Hrs - 14:35Hrs

Panel Discussion 4

14:35Hrs - 14:50Hrs

Q&A Session

14:50Hrs - 15:10Hrs

Vote of Thanks

15:10Hrs -15:25Hrs

Valedictory Address by Mr. Rishabh Sharma